G-Max has many unique features, which will interest all automotive professionals.

  • Fully integrated Accounts package, and export links to Sage.
  • Specialist and dedicated software technical expertise and support from Morph-Tech Ltd.
  • Links to specialist hardware support partners, to ensure safe reliable daily usage.

G-Max is designed to cover all aspects of daily management including, MOT and service requirements, Customer Contact Management and Fleet client requirements.

G-Max will be used by many garages, particularly larger garages and MOT Testing Stations. New users can be certain of high levels of functionality and reporting.

G-Max is available for outright purchase, with attractive though non-compulsive, technical

G-Max runs on Microsoft Windows and can be used on a single PC, or networked to multi users, multi sites so all parts of the business can share access.

The core system can be supplemented with other modules to give performance specific to your business needs. Flexibility and scalability is assured.

The system has been written after years of experience to incorporate valued features and functionality demanded by experienced garage owners and workers to maximise productivity and profitability.

By flexible customer management

  • Allows different billing and delivery addresses
  • Assigns labour rates to each customer.
  • Provides customers with cash or account status
  • Assigns fleets of vehicles to one customer and view on one screen.

Records all aspects of the vehicle history and enables you to follow-up with customers

  • MOT or service reminders.
  • Record memo facility records unique information about each vehicle - e.g. security codes.

Flexible Look-up facility

  • Search by vehicle or by customer.

Complete customer overview

  • View customer activity summary on one screen and display each invoice from that screen.
  • Flexible parts grouping and separate discounts given to each group for each of your customers.
  • Booking Customers and work in.
  • Pull customer and vehicle details from your current database, or add new customers and vehicles created at the time of entry
  • A free text section allows you to record any specific customer work the vehicle has been booked in for, or assign work by allocating known pre-defined job types.

    Invoicing customers
    You can work on any vehicle owned by any customer:

    • Flexible labour charging to suit your needs
    • Ability to add labour lines on each job
    • Assign multiple mechanics to one job.
    • Create your own description of each type of work carried out, or use pre-defined default descriptions.

Handling Labour charges

  • Allocate labour hours to a job, for each mechanic, or a fixed price per activity.
  • Each labour content line on a job sheet can be invoiced to a separate nominal code for later analysis and business management purposes.

Handling Parts charges

  • Load parts from stock onto the invoice, and sell each part at pre-defined retail, trade or promotional prices on the job sheet as required.
  • You may also take parts from your pre-defined stock holding
  • Add a part directly to your job sheet without using stock.

Customer Follow-up Activity.
G-Max helps you lock in your existing customers by proactive support and follow up activity:

  • Record mechanics recommendations and a write up for the job.
  • The system can accommodate up to 5 follow up dates.
  • Store vehicle mileage as an internal reminder to allow prompted service reminders.
  • Enter tyre depths on the job sheet, and ensure these appear on the invoice, (this facility can be switched on or off).

Workshop Diary and Workshop Loading
G-Max allows you to see all scheduled work by day so optimising workshop loading:

  • Create job sheets.
  • Vehicles can be booked in for a start time; estimated job time of work, and by fitter
  • Loan cars can be allocated in the Diary.
  • Job sheets can be raised directly from the diary booking when the customer arrives.

Vehicle Identification Look-up
Ensures the vehicle is accurately identified by using the vehicle registration look-up facility linked to DVLA data.

Parts Identification, Stock Control and Parts Invoicing

The system maintains parts stock records and can produce parts invoices, using the same internal customer database. Supplier parts and price files can be uploaded and stored on the system.
The main features of Parts handling are as follows:

  • Product group codes

    • Shows parts in stock, and parts allocated as work in progress
    • Automatic parts re-order facility so fast moving products.
    • Assign parts with retail, trade and promotional prices, which can be selected at point of sale.
    • Link parts to a discount structure for customer default discounts
    • Produce separate parts invoices with separate invoice numbering routine

  • Parts sales

    • Add parts to an invoice from stock, or enter manually if the part is not normally carried.
    • Parts can be charged at retail, trade or promotional prices on the invoice.
    • Record a parts order number and display it on the invoice, and if needed, allocate a parts salesman to the invoice at point of sale.
    • Log multiple payment methods for each invoice.
    • Each part on an invoice can be posted to a different sales code for analysis and management of the business

  • Parts Ordering

    • System will generate stock orders.
    • All parts can be ordered electronically with multiple parts suppliers, at the touch of a button
    • Reduce administration time and costly transposition errors.

G-Max includes an M.O.T. register so you can log each MOT and its status, issuing timely reminders to customers to schedule the test.


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